Reviewing strategy for 2023

This year have invested 228k in tbill, SSB, FD and DCA into Lion global infinity 500 via Endowus.

Next year target (numbers in annum)

– continue DCA into Lion Global infinity 500 via Endowus 24k

– Invest 10% of monthly salary to company equity program

– Invest 62.5k in dividend stock

– Invest 24k in travel fund (retirement travel fund)

What a new working adult may consider for their FI journey

Before embarking on any wealth building, protection must come first.

Baseline protection

– private medisheld insurance (sufficient to cover the class of choice)

– critical illness insurance

– decreasing term insurance if there are dependents

Emergency funds

– 6 to 12 months of expenses for loss of income or emergency use

– 12 mths of OA balance to pay for home loan in case of job loss

Building wealth

– baseline and last mile of defense for retirement income from age 65 onwards using CPF. RSTU to SA annually till meet the current year FRS. This ensure you get minimal payout from age 65 onwards.

– wealth for early retirement before 65 or add on to extra spending from age 65 onwards:

  • – diversification of dividend stock, growth stock, bonds, percentage adjust by risk profile
  • – acquire high yield skills at work to ensure employability and maximize earning income
  • – Avoid unwanted luxuries – branded goods
  • – Live simple and healthy
  • – Married a spouse who has similar financial value or goals as you

Another one bites the dust

Yesterday took a grab home from work and the driver started some small talk.

Driver: your office building is new, so beautiful

Me: no office view can beat a humble abode 😉

Driver: what industry are you in?

Me: IT

Driver: good money

Me: I reckon so and am thankful. Recession is here not sure if there’s any restructuring though.

Fast track to today, while having a call with a colleague, he revealed his resignation. We kind of expected as he was not considered in the inner circle of his leader. It’s peculiar when work is not by merit but favoritism. He is leaving without a job in sight.

In the 2 years, I’ve witnessed many such similar happenings.

Toxic culture and workplace posturing is aplenty, and having options is always welcomed.

I hope this colleague of mine gets a job soon, while I continue to thread on to FI and have an option to fall back in case shit splatter.

SSB GX22090Z and some observations from neurotypicals reaction to the neurodiverse

FI goals:

Subscribed to Sept SSB and think have been allotted 13.5k though application was for 20k.

Mental health:

Bumped into a ex work acquaintance at psychiatrist’s clinic recently and she was quite surprised to know my recent adhd diagnosis. I reckon the masking technique has been doing good, I’m like a calm big sturdy tree to many work associates. But underneath they do not know the big tree trunk is floating in the vast fierce ocean waves endlessly. When I shared my symptoms I kinda get some sort of dismissal that isn’t distraction common?

It’s hard to explain to someone what adhd is, and it differs people to people still (no one neurodiverse individual is alike, so are neurotypicals). The reaction from the sharing is like it’s in the acquaintance need to validate or dismiss the diagnosis which is uncalled for.

How do you know someone else sufferings?

For my adhd , the mind is like the bunny in energizer ad, never stopping 24/7, hamster on wheel spinning. Everything wanting your attention all at once. How to focus on task, how to sleep?

I give up trying to explain the neurodiversity and keep it known to self or rant anonymously on the private Instagram if need be to let off steam.

Why bother explain, no one will know each other shoes – Neurotypicals or neurodiverse alike


Thank you to the encouraging comments in last post. I didn’t know I’ve silent readers, most of the time I write thinking I am talking to myself, haha.

I reckon it is ok to feel shitty at times but not dwelling in it too long and too deep will do. I will experience the emotions and allow to fleet and won’t attach it to any event, no volatile reaction but neutrality.

Even if life is like Sisyphus forever rolling a boulder up a hill in the depths of Hades so be it, even it hurts physically, and looks meaningless, nothing can hurt the spirit. If life has no meaning, I’ll make meaning myself.

If life throw us this we will take it as a learning, reflect, get stronger and move on. There is no shame in being sick physically or mentally. Even if the world don’t accept us, we embrace ourselves.

Hold our heads up, live happily in gratitude.

The trip to experience this lifetime is still worthwhile.


Sister (bipolar disorder) has a relapse again, the last was many years back. Battling since 2010.

Few weeks back, she had to fill in some corporate insurance form so she indicated her history and pass the form to her crew leader. Apparently when she applied for this fast food chain many years back she have indicated her history

She told me her leader has go around telling the crew floor her past condition. Hence they start to ostracise her and teasing she is from imh.

She went to the HQ to ask for help and was asked to email the fast food branch instead.

She continued to work as she need a salary to feed herself.

We talked to her and try to make her feel better. Ignoring the ignorant colleagues but I think she cannot handle and today her bipolar disorder relapsed

Now I’m on my way to IMH to admit her, my parents are in the cab with her now there

I am very upset of the stigma they faced?

Do you think they have a choice? Do you think that they WANT to be sick?

We need empathy and keep our ignorance to ourselves without hurting others unknowingly with our words

Focus – rise above the noise

and count my blessings.

It is easily to be distracted by a lot of things – materialism / societal norm and lost focus on goals set.

Ever since I started physical journaling, it helps to deviate lesser from goals and pull me back to focus.

I made life goals more achievable by keeping it minimal, countable within 5 fingers – health, spending time with fam, financial independence and fun. All those are journaled under habits, monthly, weekly and daily entries on the physical journal for accountability purpose and goal tracking.


Purpose – create a sustainable routine to delay or deter old age physical ailments and cultivate a healthy mind


– physical: 14 months from now to lose 17kg.

– mental: build gratitude, tenacity and resilience. Adopt a neutrality mindset.

Daily track

– 10 min meditation when needed

– Observe medication intake and reaction

– Pat Meridian points

– eat real food and home cooked as much as possible. Friday night will be dedicated for home cooked dinner in order to minimize the possibility of upset stomach over the weekend due to usual Friday’s takeout of oily or unclean mediocre takeout.

– Snacking to be whole fruits or nuts in handful portion, as much as possible.

Weekly track:

– 52.5 hours of sleep

– Walk 50k steps and stairs (incremental from 15 to 22 to 40 storey)

Monthly track:

– monitor premenstrual mood 20 days before forecasted menses

– read one book

– Weigh in (lose at least 1.2kg per month)

Financial independence


– To achieve coast FI minimally by age 48 or 50 (8-10 years time)

– Retirement gift to self and spouse: Europe or China slow travel, budget at 50k for 2 in today’s dollar, 3 months maximum for Europe.

– Sustain intended retirement age with mixture of portfolio dividend and quantum, at least plan sufficient expenses for 15 years before age 65.

Monthly track

– save and invest 60% of take home pay

– track expenses , reflect where to cut eg for spending include inconspicuous purchases


– Ensure competitive edge at work to deter unemployment via peer and superior’s review and pushing comfort zone. Reflect what value I can bring.

– divest into more etf, bonds and dividend stocks


Goals: Enjoy life outside of work and prep for things to do in retirement

– Hobby: Reignite content creation for YouTube

– Read: Reddit, 知乎, ebooks

– Find IMDB 7 rating film or movies to watch with spouse

– Reignite going to plays, musical or concerts with spouse

– Host makan and drinking parties with in laws, hubby’s sister and her family (this year we started this)


Goals: To minimize regrets in future for not spending enough time with aging parents, immediate family and spouse.

– Attend own immediate family birthday celebration including regular meetup to hang out

– Call sis more often to check if any possible trigger to bipolar disorder and listen to her challenges.

– Be practical by gifting monetary angbao on parents birthday

– Topup parents’ RA for the matching scheme

– Spending undivided attention with hubby on weekends at home chilling and truly relaxing.

– Due trip to Japan with sister and parents in 2023

RSD – comorbidity of ADHD

Bear with me. ADHD lack structure, sometimes I jump from one thought to another, even in writing. So here goes…

No matter how incoherent it may seems, this blog is a safe sanctuary to chronicle my life’s adventure.

ADHD comes with many comorbidity. Of one – rejection sensitivity dysphoria- hits me the most.

With RSD, it is extremely hard to regulate emotion with ADHD, there is the tendency to blow trivial matters out of tangent, second guessing people answers, reacting like everything is end of the world in the mind.

At age 42 now, where peri menopause is creeping in, estrogen will be reduced drastically as I age and estrogen has an impact on brain neurotransmitters. Maybe that’s why some ADHD women only get diagnosed late in life, as adhd symptoms are out of control from the usual masking techniques, it just don’t work anymore.

In Confucius teaching, 40s is the age of clarity. Perhaps it’s quite apt, at 40s, clearing the fog (breaking down the masking techniques) and truly knowing who I am, embracing myself – good and bad, and gaining that inner peace finding life’s middle path.

Some days I lose to ADHD negative traits, some days I win. Life is such. It is worth it even if life has no true meaning. I steer my own ship, in calm water or rough storm, so be it.

Allotted GX22080V

Just logged into CDP and see that I am allotted 9k worth of August 2022 Singapore Savings Bonds (SBAUG22 GX22080V), effective interest rate for 10 years is 3%.

It is a low risk investment to park some money to beat inflation a little.

Glad that the paid StocksCafe app is able to track SSB in portfolio.


Am still in the midst of Covid+ and psychiatrist is also in same plight. Will have to postpone the next visit to late August.

I’ve been sleeping a lot, the cough is serious, I am voiceless.

I am enjoying the downtime with no people chasing me, work deadlines or anything. Such a nice refreshing change… having time back felt good.

Why do the 80% of the world slog for the 20% of the rich. Time, blood and sweat. No point dwelling on that but continuing the grind after being well, focusing on coast FI still.

Stay healthy! Health is wealth…