Buying some again instead of timing market

Loaded my first ETF – VWRA at 22k SGD, trying to be more diverse in our portfolio which are heavily vested in tech.

Been studying TTD investor relations but don’t think they can penetrate the growth market in China as it is very entrenched with local presence and culture. Plus I don’t think China wants a foreign entity to dilute their expertise. If China didn’t fend off Amazon, Google, FB they will kill off their innovation and made them reliant on US tech, you won’t have Alibaba or Tencent of today.

The next wave is clean energy or carbon neutrality it seems, so I am contemplating to load ICLN or equity Xinyi solar.

I just realized I do not have much finance stock, ICBC HKex maybe a good dividend play. Parking 10k here would be good money to offset mandatory spending such as yearly cny angbao money or some mobile bills. Currently SingTel, Propnex and Sasseur reit dividends are my main dividend play for fueling some mandatory spend at 2.5k in 2021.

Perceptions on full FI changed

I have a habit of reading finance blog posts from and this post caught my attention.

Plus Kyith previous comment on my post makes me rethink having a middle path in the journey to FI.

Full FI can be disheartening but with coast FI it is more achievable and happier – front loading investment in younger years and take a less stress job, lower pay when coast FI is attain while the portfolio self run to reach FI.

I would envision working temp jobs that fit my time table while dividend from investment portfolio pay for expenses outside of mandatory spending. I did a trial run – sabbatical break – before and realized monthly mandatory expenses are low:-

Yearly expenses basic

In fact, I can coast FI now but I would like to include my hubby in this journey with me, that would mean another maximum 7 years of front load investments. For now his idle cash would be emergency fund (1 year) for both of us, any extra would be channel and combined with my money for investment. I am extremely thankful we could front load investments from these few years of sudden and better job remuneration especially on my end.

CFO of the household

My hubby is a simple man with reasonable pleasures spent on consumables especially food.

His regular attire is uniqlo tee and shorts, sauntered in his havainas even on cny.

He only save what he has left, based on 10 years historical records he saves roughly 30% of his salary but doesn’t care if he deplete to use it on things he need (very rarely). The reason why he is so confident that there will be savings is because he doesn’t spend unnecessary. Very different from me…

I will accrue nearly 70% of salary because I easily get tempted to spend conspicuously and slogging in a high stress work environment drives this behavior. Moreover the thought of firing the company as soon as I could makes me excited to save. Hubby on the other hand can take a high stress job as long it doesn’t affect his quality of life or intrude into his weekends or leave.

Some side story: He doesn’t even know what’s a Rolex until I got one years back without his knowledge. He commented it looks not only super auntie and is shocked at the price. He quipped a mobile phone can tell time, the same function as the Rolex. I regret buying it which I could have finance our FI.

Since he is more chill in the approach of savings and I hate to enforce my belief into him which didn’t work so naturally I became the household CFO. I track expenses, savings and invest regularly on behalf of us. Though I believe he will do a better job if he wants to.

60k per year investment

60k per year investment with 5% return annualized, we are looking at 850k approx in 10 years. Combined our current portfolio, we are looking not far to retire early (I hope)

1.2m (inflation adjusted) is sufficient for both provided we have no dependents at age 50. With a 4 percent dividend payout, this shall last us for 15 years till age 65. Even stopping work at 50, we could have a decent 2-3k plus each (today’s dollar) in monthly payout through CPF life basic plan from age 65.

At 65 year old, if the bodies are able then, we may embark on mm2h residency in Penang for even a slower pace of life, with ample space and dollar stretch renting out our home in central Singapore. Else if we are too comfy in Singapore with limited mobility, we have option to downgrade the home if we want to stretch the dollar.

Thankfully hubby and I have the same value, simple in wants and pretty recluse in nature. We value time to do the things we like than the rat race. Time is valuable than money.

I look forward taking time to wake up together while the whole world hustle, make coffee leisurely, visit the wet market thinking of meals to cook daily, reading books free on overdrive (NLB), writing blog, watching Netflix, gardening (herbs) and taking evening walks together.

I have tried that during 3 year sabbatical break, rest assured my mind didn’t degrade, or feel a moment of boredom or mundane, I thrive mentally and had so much fun investing in hobbies like making YouTube videos, cooking etc. It becomes clearer that this is the path to embark on.

Indeed the love of finite time on earth fuel our investment motivation.

Delayed gratification

iPad died on me – screen flickered after just 4 years of light use.

I’m very tempted to get iPad Pro 12.9” but the price is too steep for just watching videos and surfing. With the options I want, it’s gonna be approx 3k (including iPad Pro keyboard), I’m not willing to spend this much on tech gadget.

It is causing me quite a bit of inconvenience, but not too much pain. Maybe I shall wait for iPad mini launch…

Buy buy buy – some investments in late March, April and early May

In the past, it is said May is the time people sell off their stocks as they will embarked on holidays and not have time to monitor their stocks. Now, the case has changed with Internet you can monitor it anytime, anywhere.

Just to share some investments here done in the period of April/early May :-


A) Equity: initiated a small position in TSMC (USD$5.5k) and XPeng (USD$6.6k).

TSMC – because the shortage of chips forecasted, of course fueled by demands of 5G, iOT and AI. The risk I foreseen may be the entanglement between US and China as whoever has the access to chips faster gets the upperhand become the future economy leader.

As for EV, I gravitated towards Xpeng background – which has a tech culture and people focusing on R&D. In fact their autonomous driving tech is way above competitors at the moment. The other assurance is they are Alibaba-backed and also have their own manufacturing plant. I was toying with buying Nio instead of Xpeng. Nio’s battery as a service was a good to have however outsourcing manufacturing did not sit well with me. A local youtuber Josh, the astute parent did a good video comparing the 2 China EV players.

B) REIT: Sasseur (SGD10k), invested just for dividend play. They are the first to venture into outlet shopping in China, shopping is a lifetime hobby for Asians.

C) Equity: Propnex for dividend play. DBS vickers (oh well, I didn’t check properly before submit) did a partial order which end up with a position of 10100 units (SGD8.9k).

I reckon Singaporeans (or rather Asians) are obsessed with property and asset accumulation. This trade will not die, in fact I view it as a service trade rather than a transaction trade. You build a relationship with a agent or its agency who will plan your property aspiration accordingly to one life’s progression. In fact a lot of properties are unpublished online yet are only known by the agents firsthand. Keeping them close is a bonus (or it can be a nuisance for some). Click here for more in depth understanding


A) Equity: SGD $10k in Syfe equity100 portfolio, with a annualized return past 10 years is at approx 14%. The fee is 0.65%, which is 5 dollars per month approximately. It is excluding ETF management fee of S$15 bucks per 10k annually, so I’ll do a annual topup of 10k instead of a monthly topup.

B) Equity: Accumulate a further HKD $220k in Alibaba

C) Equity: Small position of Coinbase (USD$13k), if I can’t amass cryptocurrencies, might as well bet on the popular exchange.

D) Mixed asset class: Intend to invest CPF OA, still awaiting approval for Endowus. After which will park SGD$20k Cpf OA into their 40/60 stocks/bonds portfolio. They have a flat fee of 0.40 and is the only roboadvisor that can use CPF funds for investment.

E) Awaiting Gemini approval to start the late journey in cryptocurrency. Intend to park SGD$20k here.

I still have 66k warchest to spend on investments for the year, and one more endowment maturing in November, which will give a total of 90k approx, not including savings amassed monthly from salary (save approx 50% mthly).

Side note: I am very interested to take a position in Huya, am monitoring and hoping it drop more…. China Life, SEA Ltd, Grab are on the watchlist as well. Do share what is in your watchlist and why?

The art of buying

A low quantum does not equate to a quality buy.

Looking back at our home, we spend quite a fair bit on quality appliances and furnishing.

Our TV has been with us for 10 years and counting, same goes for MacBook Pro, Apple TV, AirPort….

I’m still using iPhone 7 Plus won from a company event years back while Hubby is using iPhone 6 handy in his palm for one hand operation (iPhone 12 mini does not come close to one finger swipe diagonally bottom to top)

Same goes for a stock, buying cheap affordable stock does not mean more upside

It’s the quality that matters, the business, moat, outlook and people that the company has.

Subscription model makes me spend more

Any (willing) victims of subscription model? It’s an opex model that makes the entire quantum look like a good deal spread over x year(s).

In our context, unknowingly we have added Disney plus recently to the family of paid subscription. BTW side track a little, WandaVision is a waste of sleeping hours.

A family of 2 with 24 hours of time daily have YouTube premium, Netflix, Viu, and SingTel mioTV. Woah, that’s quite a lot of money adding up to approx 80 bucks per month. The only justification is this is the only entertainment we have thesedays.

We are likely to let go SingTel MioTV when the contract end this November 7th.


YouTube premium – S$17.98 per mth family plan

Netflix – S$15.98 per mth (standard plan)

Viu – promo 12 months approx S$50

Mio TV – S$29.72 before GST monthly

Disney plus – S$11.98 per month

What’s a dollar worth in ten years time?

I love flowers so it’s a natural to be drawn to them when they are parked at the cold storage entrance.

Glanced at the price tag – 5 stalks of rose for 13 bucks, 10 years back it was 8 stalks for 8 bucks. Woah, thank God I don’t have such expensive hobby.

Leaving money in a bank is a blasphemy. Work for the money or let money work for me…

Living a FI

Was drawn to this lean fire blog post via, a lengthy read however worth the time.

I believe everything happens for a reason, the bad happen so one can be ready for the good and vice versa. Life is not a linear path with predictability (sounds like the stock market, isn’t it?)

Choosing the right spouse (not the materialistic parameters) with the similar value is of upmost importance despite the outward parameters that will likely change with time.

Without the early retirement, I guess the author would have not known the incompatibility. The silver lining from the breakup is a blessing in disguise tho it really hurt.

Humans are probably brainwashed to live a certain lifestyle and hit milestones as we grow.

We focus so much on keeping up with people who are of no importance to our lives. Living truthful to oneself is a challenge with the society’s skewed lenses.

It’s a reminder to self, to look within not external. Things, money and appearance will go with time, not real connections build with people that matters, financial freedom and that inner peace.

There is a lot of noise and distractions in the world, the awareness plus consciousness to reflect and stay anchored to the right values is crucial.

Life is about having the serenity to accept what I can’t change and wisdom to change what I can.