It’s hard not to compare. It’s easy to give up and hard to persevere.

Yesterday night saw a local IG blogger who fire at 40 with annual dividend payout of 50k plus, I reckon that probably he has 1.2m of portfolio in s-reits.

Looking at my miserable portfolio, dividend stock was not much of focus and only getting estimated 6k per annum. I’m still far away of reaching 30k per annum dividend payout to fuel expenses.

I’m sure at my age,I’m far off from a lot of peers given I started out investing in late 30s

I hope in 8 years I can catch up to meet dividend payout of 30k (today’s dollars).

I just need to focus on selecting the dividend stock to invest regularly (62.5k per annum at least) and execute it dilligently

Only time will tell.

Now snap out of self pity mode and back to the grind – chant “work work“


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