Easy to be the same

I reckon it is easy to be the same with the majority but difficult to be different or rather be the minority. Peer pressure, they say… tsk tsk,

Sometimes I wonder what has conditioned most to pursue this seemingly de facto linearity of life, is it a case of capitalism and constant marketing (social media/TV/ads)? I wonder…

For example, it is assumingly normal to be married by age x with a lavish (maybe) customary wedding, overseas photoshoots, then a district X property with copious amount of money poured into renovation, driving continental cars, followed by X number of children laced with enrichment classes and shower spouses with luxury goods or families with mandate holidays and the list goes on.

Thankfully I’m pretty lazy to torture myself more than a year physically (slimming) and mentally (planning) for a customary wedding. We didn’t spent more than 5k on a sit down private ROM lunch with really good seafood course (yums!) and our overseas photoshoot was gifted by my sister (Yay, $ saved). Plus the mister never buy me any gifts more than 300 bucks (hmpf!!!) except for the engagement ring which my fat finger cannot wear now.

Our first house was a resale flat in Yishun which we should have wait out for a BTO but we couldn’t handle being 28 and living with the possessive asian parents still – it was driving us nuts. We sold for a record high profit after 5 years of living and channeled that money into our next house. We camped into my parents’ place for a year while we searched for a perfect home at a low peak market.

I wanted something less than 450k, central location and near MRT however mister wanted a fairly new (just MOP) flat with no rubbish chute in the house (OCD and clean freak he is) – that means our selection is limited. We adjusted our expectations/budget along the way and we were lucky to finally find a affordable quantum 5 year old house in central Singapore, just 200m away from the MRT with no COV! We viewed it once, and mister pestered me like a kid to exercise the option to purchase on the same day (and yes we did).

We did not skimp on renovation (basics especially) as we are a firm believer on quality materials that is functional, reliable and lasting since this is likely our last home. We minimised any customised carpentry works because we find that most workmanship is mediocre mostly even with high price paid (skilled labour is a rarity) – so doing less has a lower probability of disappointment and heart pain, hence the only fixtures our ID did in the house are the kitchen cabinets and an industrial looking clothes rod that hang in the wardrobe.

Our car COE is due this May and we will not be renewing COE or buying new car despite being fairly “reasonable” affordable thesedays by majority’s standard. Our offices are approx 15 min car ride away or 30 min train ride away and going to town is just a 15 min train ride.

Over the years, mister and I have developed a habit on spending on consumables and not things we do not need except for occasional luxuries like restaurants, wine and skincare šŸ˜› We have all we need without sacrificing the comfort of life.

What is your experience on being different? Do share in the comments below. šŸ™‚

About me.

Turning 39, female married (dink).

Main indulgence in life is food eg. dining out on weekends (cutting down)
Little free pleasures is walking in NParks or watching on YouTube and occasionally reading non fiction books.

I am looking to achieve lean FI before 45 for myself and mister so that we have the option to work a less hectic job from 45 to 65 to achieve more quality of life (time is precious). For mister, he has no qualms continuing his current job as long as he is employed. For me, due to my job nature it is pretty short lived (sales – high stress) unless Iā€™m keen in moving to management level which I am not capable.

Only debt now is a housing that is on a 19 year loan

Short term goal
A. set aside emergency fund of 1 year (achieved)
B. liquidate stock when desired TP reached
C. Topup cpf SA 7k yearly until age 43 to compound to desired FRS at 55

Long term goal
1. build opportunity fund to invest in blue chip stocks during recession (item B will go into this fund)
2. thereafter x dollars into blue chip dividend stock as a backup to self fund housing loan for remaining 12 years (or lesser) loan period as current cpf OA balance can service home loan up to 7 years (age 46) without any fresh income.