Another one bites the dust

Yesterday took a grab home from work and the driver started some small talk.

Driver: your office building is new, so beautiful

Me: no office view can beat a humble abode 😉

Driver: what industry are you in?

Me: IT

Driver: good money

Me: I reckon so and am thankful. Recession is here not sure if there’s any restructuring though.

Fast track to today, while having a call with a colleague, he revealed his resignation. We kind of expected as he was not considered in the inner circle of his leader. It’s peculiar when work is not by merit but favoritism. He is leaving without a job in sight.

In the 2 years, I’ve witnessed many such similar happenings.

Toxic culture and workplace posturing is aplenty, and having options is always welcomed.

I hope this colleague of mine gets a job soon, while I continue to thread on to FI and have an option to fall back in case shit splatter.

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