Sister (bipolar disorder) has a relapse again, the last was many years back. Battling since 2010.

Few weeks back, she had to fill in some corporate insurance form so she indicated her history and pass the form to her crew leader. Apparently when she applied for this fast food chain many years back she have indicated her history

She told me her leader has go around telling the crew floor her past condition. Hence they start to ostracise her and teasing she is from imh.

She went to the HQ to ask for help and was asked to email the fast food branch instead.

She continued to work as she need a salary to feed herself.

We talked to her and try to make her feel better. Ignoring the ignorant colleagues but I think she cannot handle and today her bipolar disorder relapsed

Now I’m on my way to IMH to admit her, my parents are in the cab with her now there

I am very upset of the stigma they faced?

Do you think they have a choice? Do you think that they WANT to be sick?

We need empathy and keep our ignorance to ourselves without hurting others unknowingly with our words

6 thoughts on “Imh

  1. Sorry to hear this. I used to work in imh. Most people don’t want to associate with neurodivergence or mood disorders. Big part of society sucks. Just gotta say F-It and move on. She’ll find the strength to get through this, in her own time & on her own terms.

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    1. Hi Vic, hugs. Medication and therapy needs to be presented to help stabilize the brain “neurochemicals”. Don’t give up 🙂 u r not alone


  2. Hi, I am a silent reader of your blog for many years. I am sorry to hear about your sister has admitted to IMH.

    My sister also has Bipolar Disorder too. She admitted twice to IMH back in 2015 and 2017. The cause back in 2015 was mainly due to stress for studying part-time while working. As for 2017, she was stressed with her work back then.

    I still remember the multiple visits to her at IMH and it was heartbreaking back then to see her complaining to be discharged.

    Stay strong and I hope that your sister’s condition can be stabilised and improved. During this period, make sure your parents are well rested.


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