Assessment of current work

My boss (let’s call A) has left due to personal issues and we are going through a reorg from not so recent acquisition.

Both A and my headcount (pay cheque) is from our dotted line – U. Obviously I roll up to A who recommended and hired me.

A’s solid line is regional lead H, whom is not exactly fond of A. Why H is not fond of A? A was parachuted (hired) in by O (U’s boss), O was a former peer of H but now higher ranking (ego between boys?). With A gone, my solid line is to H until reorg is confirmed.

U is not particularly fond of A as well, they were ex colleagues and have heated conflicts and arguments before.

Plus U & H do not seem to be on same page (power play / ego).

Sounds complicated right? Well basically I’m in a minefield, I can’t help but feel stuck.

In order to survive in this lonely role where there are no natural allies, I need to be consistent in effort, excel and communicate to the H & U regularly in order to gain recognition and of value. Understanding their agenda and helping them to achieve it is the key.

My networking skills as an INFP is not exactly great. At this age, to go places it is important to have connection. I’m good with people, but it’s not my style to “SAR KA”, mingle and network for the reason of career advancement. Unfortunately, this is how the world roll most of the time.

The road ahead is tough, but I’ll have to face it nevertheless.

I’ll see how things pan out, I may consider moving to other department (backend) if there are vacancies after a stipulated tenure in this role.

Meanwhile I will continue to work on coast FI – counting down to 36 quarters of work or earlier!

JIAYOU to myself!

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