July week 2 investments (50k)

In month of July:

  • Endowus – pumped in additional 5k into cash smart, 25k into fund smart with lionglobal infinity global stock index fund, lionglobal us 500 stock once fund and infinity European stock index.
  • Syfe – pumped in additional 10k in cash+, 10k into Reit with risk management.

Warchest & emergency funds

  • still have approx 80k-90k of warchest to invest after setting aside emergency funds of 1 year. I’m thinking of buying a PP watch for flipping purpose, not sure if it is wise to do so.

Current cpf balance as of 9 Jul

  • Cpf OA expected balance in April 2024 should be able to cover remaining home loan. CPF SA should be able to reach FRS by Jan 2024

End note

  • I hope we are on the right track, investing prudently and getting different perceptions from reputable resources and own sane research.
  • Average savings achieved for first half is at 60%.
  • We look forward to a continual investment for next 7 to 10 years…

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