Buying some again instead of timing market

Loaded my first ETF – VWRA at 22k SGD, trying to be more diverse in our portfolio which are heavily vested in tech.

Been studying TTD investor relations but don’t think they can penetrate the growth market in China as it is very entrenched with local presence and culture. Plus I don’t think China wants a foreign entity to dilute their expertise. If China didn’t fend off Amazon, Google, FB they will kill off their innovation and made them reliant on US tech, you won’t have Alibaba or Tencent of today.

The next wave is clean energy or carbon neutrality it seems, so I am contemplating to load ICLN or equity Xinyi solar.

I just realized I do not have much finance stock, ICBC HKex maybe a good dividend play. Parking 10k here would be good money to offset mandatory spending such as yearly cny angbao money or some mobile bills. Currently SingTel, Propnex and Sasseur reit dividends are my main dividend play for fueling some mandatory spend at 2.5k in 2021.

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