How to be an interesting person.

Time is fleeting and I try to be conscious NOT to spend idle time mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or social media. Too much entertainment and marketing inserts on social media can dull my already empty brain and wallet.

I will wait till the skillsfuture credit is reloaded (soon by 31 dec 2020) to take the AWS cloud practitioner exam and probably enroll in some photography / video courses to help me create better videos.

Some of the things I picked up the past 2 months are 10 min morning meditation, 10 min end of day reflection (jot down on Apple notes). I have also restart my video creation on YouTube and completed Amazon web services cloud practitioner essential (classes are FREE online at AWS site).

Last year July I used up the skillsfuture on a makeup course at cosmoprof academy and had tremendous learning and fun. Respect to the makeup industy, it is not easy and they spent long hours standing, waiting with measly pay unless one is well established within the industry.

I will continue to read extensively on non fiction books (please recommend me some) and on Feedly where RSS feed of Singapore investment bloggers help me gain different insights and perceptions.

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