Buying in some, soon

Upcoming stock split happening for Apple and Tesla.

I myself is a subscriber of iTunes music (Family), use Apple Pay, iCloud, use their hardware products extensively (iphone, MacBook Air, iPad, MacBook Pro, airpod, airport, Apple TV) and buy apps on iTunes.

5G will drive many upstream and downstream business. For consumers, intensive apps that need high throughput eg gaming with Virtual Reality element, AI, machine learning, IoT will rise. I believe many such apps will be developed and available on App Store for Apple to draw a portion of sales (30%) for in app purchases which are considered low hanging fruit with high yield.

Services is a growing piece of business for Apple year on year. They have added on streaming movie and TV service, a new video game subscription, and the Apple Card. These are diverse revenue stream.

For Tesla, I am not pleased with the crazy price currently though I agree EV including self driving is the future. It is a matter of either investing in the former or Nio (hmm) or BYD.

For supposedly upcoming IPOs, I’ll be keen to invest in Ant financial and Dji.

Other stocks to consider would be Nvidia and Qualcomm.

I see a lot of enterprise customers starting to use Nvidia GPU for their AI, machine learning and deep learning workload as part of digital transformation.

As for Qualcomm, it has wide and deep moat advantage in the mobile processor platform and possess strong IP. With 5G coming, many OEMs vendors already have signed up with orders to assemble the snapdragon chipset into their products.

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