Mum was recently hospitalised for a heart bypass surgery at age 58. Mum is also on long term medication for her high blood pressure, high cholesterol and is currently considered a pre-diabetic.

A bit of family medical history :-

  • My maternal grandma died of heart attack before 60
  • My eldest aunt died of heart attack in her early 40s
  • Maternal grandfather died of terminal colon cancer at the age of 72.

Hence I believe genetically my siblings and I are prone to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol (last check my LDL cholesterol is on the high side) and colon cancer.

On the paternal side, they are quite long lived and do not have major ailments or life long disease like high blood pressure. My grandfather lived till his 80s. Currently my dad is 66. He has just completed his stage 3A cancer treatment and is recovering well. He has always lead a healthier lifestyle than my mum.

By assessing parents’ lifestyle and using historical stats, I do think my dad will likely outlive my mum.

This makes me think if I’d not outlive CPF age for retirement account withdrawal and if I should tweak my strategy to not rely on CPF life payout that much as I may not live till then?

Well I guess CPF life to me is the last safety net for if all else fail in our investments and saving strategy.

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